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Project Management Office

460degrees’ approach to Project Management Office Services (PMO) has a ‘value-added’ focus, rather than simply administrative.

PMO Consulting for Strategy Initiatives

Our consultants create these PMOs based on your individual project needs. We understand that effective project management office services can make or break an organisation’s strategic initiatives. We provide organisations with the tools, strategies, and insights they need to optimise their project management processes and thrive.

A project management office is a critical unit within an organisation that oversees, supports, and manages projects and initiatives. It ensures projects are executed efficiently, within scope, and aligned with an organisation’s strategic objectives. While this of course takes on board administrative functions (ultimately less for your organisation to worry about), we also coordinate delivery, financials and governance of your portfolio.

Our team of experts in project management office consulting collaborates with businesses to identify the best practices, methodologies, and tools needed to establish, enhance, or revitalise a PMO.

Our experts can help identify risk and issues across programs, with our passion for PMO ensuring that we are active assets to your team. Partner with us today to explore how our project delivery services can provide you with the confidence needed to manage your projects effectively and achieve your strategic objectives.

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