Kat Archibald

Kat Archibald

Partner, Practice Lead, Defence, Champion Strategic Communication


Project Delivery


People underestimate the importance of strategic communication. But the fact is, it’s only by getting the right message in front of the right eyes and ears that you can influence attitudes and behaviours, help people make decisions and take action, or enhance reputation and manage risk. Which is precisely what Kat Archibald, 460degrees’ Champion of Strategic Communication, is all about.

Kat comes to the 460degrees table with an overflowing toolbox of skills, expertise and experience, honed via a series of senior positions in strategic communications and change management. Having spent over 12 years working within the Public Service, including Medicare, Centrelink and the Department of Agriculture, she most recently took on a consulting role, working with Defence on large-scale organisational and workforce change projects.

Seeing campaigns go live is Kat’s biggest work-related thrill. That, along with seeing clients experience that ‘penny drop’ moment where they come to understand how crucial effective communication is to business or project success. A self-described extrovert, her happy place is engaging and collaborating with teams to crack open a problem and solve it.

Outside work, Kat loves spending time with her twin girls and extended family – weekends are spent flitting between basketball, soccer, swimming and the park. Having grown up in a sport-crazy family, for Kat the year is divided into just two seasons: cricket and AFL (with a little rugby to fill in the gaps).