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Radio Frequency Networks

Radio Frequency (RF) engineering is in our DNA. Over the past decade, 460degrees has partnered with leading operators as they have evolved their wireless networks: 3G, 4G and 5G.

Radio network solutions for all businesses

We are committed to providing cutting-edge radio network design solutions to ensure your communication networks are robust and efficient. Our experts possess extensive experience in wireless technologies and system integration.

Radio networks are constantly evolving, expanding coverage, increasing capacity and implementing new features. Managing the changes to ‘keep up’ requires careful planning, design and optimisation. Our experts have deep and practical experience in all aspects of radio networks.

We understand 1G through to 5G and have the expertise to work within your teams and evolve your network. We can provide sufficient services, from assigning frequencies and selecting transmitter locations through to coverage, capacity and quality of service.

460degrees provides radio network services to ensure innovative growth and advancement to help your business exceed in the technological marketplace.

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