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Cyber Breach & Attack Simulation

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and people in the face of cyber-attacks requires a layered defence.

How confident are you that your defences will work as intended when you are under attack?

How can you be assured that your layered defences will work as expected when the time comes?

Threat actors are skilled (and persistent) at finding even the tiniest chinks in your armour; psychological profiling, zero-day exploits and the reconnaissance for misconfigured systems are just some of the ways they can slip through the net.

The 460degrees Business Attack Simulation services are will stress-test the combination of defences you have in place and see how they stand up to a wide range of known threat vectors and attacks:

Cyber attack simulations
We put your security, data loss and backup/restoration technology through its paces, performing safe attack simulations based on thousands of known cyber threats. Your results are mapped against the MITRE ATT&K framework and reported back along with recommended actions.

Human factors attack simulation
This is like a fire drill for your cybersecurity. We’ll assess both behaviours and role execution, observing your staff as they react to a simulated breach. Your full report will detail what we’ve observed, as well as steps you can take to improve the all-important human centric security factors.

Process attack simulation
Strong processes (and compliance) support effective human response to a threat. We’ll identify any gaps and advise on any changes or improvements to be made.

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