Geoff Brim

Geoff Brim

Lead Consultant Cybersecurity


A good cybersecurity specialist can help a business manage and mitigate threats and risks. The best, like 460degrees’ Geoff Brim, become a strategic partner and go-to resource on how cybersecurity interacts with every part of your organisation.

Currently focused on supporting our CISOaaService offering as it puts rubber to the road, Geoff’s passion for facilitating client success fuels his appetite for projects that see him help businesses define how they work with innovative technology – especially in terms of preparing for a post-Covid world.

Geoff joins the 460degrees team with deep expertise in transitioning companies to smart systems, and an award-winning approach to the design of virtual and augmented reality innovation utilising 5G in entertainment, training and healthcare. He has previously held leadership roles at Deutsche Telekom, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Seebeyond and PwC, where he developed and launched successful products and led SI programs and SAP implementations. He also led DigiHub, a startup digital rights management company.

On weekends, Geoff enjoys traveling, sports, flying his drone and spending time with family. With a special interest in AI ethics, Geoff was also part of the ethics team at DT and worked with the Committee for Melbourne,Telstra and Federal government on AI Ethics Guidelines. Clearly not one for ‘downtime,’ he also serves on the boards of two startup companies dedicated to democratising space, with the hope of impacting mankind’s ability to flourish in this new and exciting economy.