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Cybersecurity & Software Development

When teams operate in siloes of experience and expertise, communication blocks can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems.

While most cybersecurity professionals have experience in infrastructure cybersecurity, very few are effectively skilled in secure software development practices, making the timely development and maintenance of secure systems almost impossible.

As interdisciplinary experts, the 460degrees team grants your business access to the “full stack’ software security expertise with extensive real-world experience across a broad range of product delivery team sizes, technologies and industries.

Regardless of the development methodologies you use (such as Agile, SaFE, Lean, RAD, RUP, Waterfall and SDL) we ensure psychologically acceptable security practices are embedded into the software product from ideation through to decommissioning.

With a centralised delivery approach combined with distributed enablement of teams,  460degrees brings traceability between the  who, what, why and where changes are made to bring comprehensive visibility into your product delivery so nothing slips through the cracks.

Bottom line: we’ll work out what you need to achieve sustainable security of your systems and implement changes, without losing productivity or making life hard for your teams.