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When DevOps is the culture, Agile is the practice and value is the game

The biggest threat to efficiency in any business running on software (and what business isn’t?) are oddly shaped problems. And since those oddly shaped problems are often people-shaped, they can’t be solved through technology and processes alone.

As a cultural movement enabled by technology, DevOps is more than a box of tools. Its principles and practices strengthen and stabilise every part of a business, so you can hit the accelerator on software development, without risk of the wheels falling off as you pick up speed.

Collaborate. Automate. Innovate.

Your success comes down to your organisation’s ability to work together to create value for customers and end-users. 460degrees’ DevOps professional services help you achieve those business goals by:

  • creating a more reliable, resilient, and scalable infrastructure
  • breaking down silos and removing barriers to communication and change
  • increasing effectiveness and efficiency of testing and deployment processes through automation
  • supporting an organisation-wide culture of continuous innovation, so software is consistently aligned with both business and customer needs

From roadmaps to rocket fuel, here are just some of the ways our 460degrees DevOps Experts can help you get where you need to go:

DevOps Assessment and Strategy Development: Our Experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s current DevOps practices, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customised strategy for DevOps adoption and optimisation.

Platform Engineering: By defining and leading delivery of platforms and strategies tailored to your organisation’s needs, we enable self-service, reduction in tech debt and rework, standardisation of common functions and processes, all with a reduction in delivery cost while producing a quality outcome.

Process Automation: Our team will automate manual processes and workflows, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency (e.g. automating testing and deployment processes, creating self-service environments, and automating infrastructure provisioning).

Tool Selection and Implementation: We’ll guide you to towards the right tools for your DevOps needs and roll them out effectively. This includes tools for continuous integration and delivery, configuration management, monitoring, and more.

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) Pipeline Development: Our Experts will design and implement CI/CD pipelines that streamline your software delivery process and enable faster and more frequent releases.

Ongoing Support and Optimisation: Providing ongoing support, we’ll ensure DevOps practices remain effective and optimised over time. This includes monitoring and analysis of DevOps metrics, continuous improvement and optimisation, and proactive identification and resolution of issues.