460degrees 16 Dec. 2020


DevOps Insight Webinar

In this recording, DevOps champion, Fabian Iannarella, hosts an exclusive DevOps webinar around challenges organisations are facing while adopting DevOps.

In this 1-hour session, Fabian discusses findings from our DevOps journey, as well as other DevOps practitioners and users, to present insights into improving IT and software delivery for organisations. Fabian draws on his own and our clients’ journeys to focus on the value organisations can gain from DevOps practices.

Why DevOps Insights?

This interactive info-packed session, was able to unpack this question using real-life examples and case studies. With no set framework to solve our business delivery problems, it’s vital that we as DevOps practitioners and business partners share trends with our community, inspire ideas within others, teach new approaches, and establish new collaborative efforts.

Register below to watch the webinar recording and learn about the DevOps trends we see now and how Fabian sees those trends evolving to boost your DevOps initiatives.

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