Angela Palahinjak
28 Mar. 2024

Embracing Inclusivity: A Fundamental Right at 460degrees

Embracing Inclusivity: A Fundamental Right at 460degrees

With last week being Neurodiversity Celebration week, and the week before that was International Women’s Day being themed ‘Inspire Inclusivity,’ it’s safe to say inclusivity has been on my mind (and in my LinkedIn feed) a lot of late.

As the Head of People & Culture at 460degrees, I am thrilled to share our unwavering commitment to inclusivity – a pledge that transcends mere corporate buzzwords, or a “nice-to-have.” We understand it as a fundamental right for every individual who walks through our office doors or logs into our virtual spaces – and I am living example of that.

I’m lucky enough to be a Mum of 2 incredible daughters, one of whom has neurodiverse superpowers. As I watch them grow, I’m keenly aware that we owe it them, and to ourselves, to make inclusivity in the workplace a given. Not only will it see them and the rest of their generation thrive, it gifts organisations the opportunity to unlock and develop their potential – which, in the right environment, knows no limits.

Reaching beyond the buzzwords

More than a trendy term, inclusivity is the beating heart of a thriving workplace. When we talk about inclusivity, we’re not just ticking boxes on a diversity checklist. We’re creating and nurturing an environment where every voice matters, where unique perspectives fuel innovation, and where empathy bridges gaps. It’s about recognising that our differences, both visible and invisible, truly make us stronger as a collective.

The 460degrees Difference

For us, inclusivity isn’t a mere aspiration, it’s woven into our DNA. Here’s how we’re walking that talk:

DEI Strategy in Action

We haven’t simply laid out a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and delivered on its promises. Our Hidden Disability Sunflower Initiative stands tall as a testament to our commitment, embracing multiple DEI pillars, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, feels seen, heard, and valued.

Celebrating International Women’s Day Every Day

At 460degrees, every day is International Women’s Day – an opportunity to ignite conversations, amplify voices, and celebrate the brilliance of our female colleagues, collaborators, and clients. We’re especially proud that women make up 50% of our senior leadership team – a real feat in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Of course, what this all boils down to is that we are intentional about celebrating all genders – a key part of creating an inclusive and safe space in which all can thrive.

Neurodiversity: Our Unseen Superpower

In our pursuit of inclusivity, we also champion neurodiversity. Through lived experience, we have a deep understanding that all minds march to their own beat – and that’s a good thing! By embracing neurodiversity, we tap into a wellspring of creativity, problem-solving, and fresh perspectives. It’s not about people adjusting to fit a mould. It’s about breaking moulds altogether.

Make the daily commitment

I could not be more proud to work for a company who pledges their commitment to keep pushing boundaries. Let’s challenge biases, dismantle barriers, and create a workplace where everyone thrives. It’s through our everyday actions, not just our words, that we’ll build a future where every voice is heard, every talent flourishes, and every person feels valued for who they are.

Join us on this journey. Let’s inspire inclusivity everyday, celebrate neurodiversity everyday, and make the team of today a beacon of change for the future of tomorrow—one person, one initiative, and one sunflower at a time.

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