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Human-Centric Cybersecurity

Human-centric cybersecurity (HCCS) is the ‘other half’ of the data security equation for which few of your competitors know of or pay attention to.

Nine out of ten cyber-attacks are due to human error. The best designed technology in the world can’t stop your staff putting their passwords on a sticky note on the side of their computer screen. It takes education and training to help them become the first line defence your business needs against cybersecurity breaches.

The good news is, the behavioural changes HCCS facilitate outlast any technology, making it the most durable, cost-effective way to keep your business data safer.

Our 460degree HCCS Experts leverage technology, behavioural science and specialised tools and techniques to shine a light through the gaps in your cybersecurity defences. By digging into the rich bodies of data your business has generated around your people, technology, culture and organisational structure, we spot any weaknesses and uncover valuable insights to help you achieve your cybersecurity goals.

Whether you need to meet regulatory or compliance obligations, build enhanced awareness of emerging cyber threats or address the specific challenges your business faces, or are seeking a unique competitive advantage, our cybersecurity Experts are ready to help.

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