Cybersecurity Doesn’t Come in a Box. Here at 460degrees we understand your business is an ecosystem with people at its core – not just a collection of computer jargon.

Just as your people are unique, we offer bespoke Human-Centric Cybersecurity (HCCS) solutions. We build company-wide resilience against the rising threat of cyber-attacks.

No business is immune to the impacts of a breach

9 out of 10 breaches are caused by human error. As companies focus on adopting new technologies, processes and standards as a means of protection, the human factors can often be missed or assumed. In order for these approaches to succeed, human factors must be the primary driver and enabler.

What are you doing to address the human factors in cybersecurity in your business?

Human-centric threats call for human-centric solutions

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is approaching security as purely an IT issue. It’s no longer enough to trust traditional technology only solutions and hope it will fend off increasingly persistent and advanced attacks.

Whether it’s a staff member clicking on a link in a phishing email, or a network engineer misconfiguring a firewall,  the complexities of todays Technology infrastructure makes it easier for attackers to find their way into your systems and harder for your people to defend against them. That’s why your people are the first and last line of defence against cyber-attacks. This is why you need a integrated, human-centric approach to cybersecurity 460degrees is known for.

We combine tech solutions with people solutions to make your business more resilient

With a team of Experts specialising in both technology and behavioural sciences, 460degrees brings to the table a variety of tools, techniques and capabilities to make sure your cyber security defences not only measure up against the highest industry standards (including ISO27001, NIST and the ASD Essential 8)  by putting your people front and centre of the solutions.

We work with your staff to demystify cybersecurity, increase cyber literacy and cultivate a sustainable security culture that strengthens over time.

Our expertise is your business advantage

A unique blend of capabilities and specialist knowledge mean our team of Experts can act quickly to assess your cybersecurity maturity, then work with you to enhance your cyber resilience. Drastically reducing the risks of a breach better protects your business against the significant financial and productivity losses and down-time that come with a cyber-attack.

We make the complexities of cybersecurity feel easy

From audit to action, we support your organisation as we implement your cyber risk treatment plans over 4 steps:

  1. In-depth assessment and analysis
    First we do a deep dive into your organisation’s operational activities, digital profile, information, and cybersecurity policies, as well as employee behaviour and company culture
  2. Uncover insights and options
    Having analysed everything we’ve learned about your unique cybersecurity status, we report back on the risks, threats and vulnerabilities as well as the mitigations to improve the situation
  3. Make recommendations
    Depending on your unique set of needs, we develop a tailor-made cybersecurity plan. It may include anything from customised workshops and behaviour-change interventions to policy revision and company-wide training. All backed up by best practice technology-based defence solutions
  4. Execute
    Building upon the infrastructure your organisation already has in place, we’ll guide you through the execution process; implementing tools, educating staff and developing solutions and policies that work with and for your people


There’s no part of an organisation Cybersecurity doesn’t touch. Every facet must contribute to the overall Cybersecurity posture and risk appetite of the business by incorporating practices that are relevant to the nuances of their domains. It takes interdisciplinary expertise to enable effective and efficient solutions.

Whilst many Cybersecurity personnel come from an Infrastructure/IT background, there is a dire shortage of individuals with knowledge and experience spanning multiple disciplinary boundaries.

Our Full Stack Cybersecurity Experts can reinforce your existing capability by offering the broad, deep and cross-domain expertise your organisation lacks, including:

  • Executive/C-Suite Management
  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Secure Software Development/SecDevOPs/DevSecOps
  • Governance and Enablement
  • IoT and Industrial Control System security

With vision for and understanding of the bigger picture, our in-depth expertise covers the full range of Cybersecurity disciplines and all domains to which Cybersecurity must be applied. We also have the real world experience to go beyond theory and know how strategies play out in a practical sense, so all necessary measures we propose will align with your organisation’s risk appetite.

Cost-effective and easy to use, cloud-based solutions are an obvious and appealing choice for businesses.

But, while adopting a cloud model (whether private, public or hybrid) reduces some risks and vulnerabilities, it also introduces new ones.

Say, for example, another of your cloud service provider’s customers has a legal hold applied to their infrastructure. Shared hardware may mean you suddenly find your data inaccessible.

To avoid these kinds of issues, 460degrees offers migration plans which include a full risk assessment and mitigation strategies. You’ll be fully informed of all vulnerabilities and risks to your information before moving your data and applications to the Cloud. You can also rest assured all critical business functions and information will be protected during and after the migration.

Human-centric cybersecurity (HCCS) is the ‘other half’ of the data security equation for which few of your competitors know of or pay attention to.

Nine out of ten cyber-attacks are due to human error. The best designed technology in the world can’t stop your staff putting their passwords on a sticky note on the side of their computer screen. It takes education and training to help them become the first line defence your business needs against cybersecurity breaches.

The good news is, the behavioural changes HCCS facilitate outlast any technology, making it the most durable, cost-effective way to keep your business data safer.

Our 460degree HCCS Experts leverage technology, behavioural science and specialised tools and techniques to shine a light through the gaps in your cybersecurity defences. By digging into the rich bodies of data your business has generated around your people, technology, culture and organisational structure, we spot any weaknesses and uncover valuable insights to help you achieve your cybersecurity goals.

Whether you need to meet regulatory or compliance obligations, build enhanced awareness of emerging cyber threats or address the specific challenges your business faces, or are seeking a unique competitive advantage, our cybersecurity Experts are ready to help.

Even beyond the obvious benefits around protecting your organisation’s valuable data, ensuring your cybersecurity meets the highest industry standards is simply good business sense.

When your system slows down or crashes, so does your business continuity and productivity. That’s not just annoying, it’s expensive.

Balancing the Confidentiality, Integrity and availability of your systems is becoming increasingly difficult and complex. You need a layered defence to minimise weak spots where attackers slip through.

460degrees offers your business a depth of expertise across the entire technology landscape. With specialised tools and techniques, we’ll assess your existing layers of defence, current processes and technologies to make sure they’re as effective as possible against the increasing number of persistent and advanced threats.

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and people in the face of cyber-attacks requires a layered defence.

How confident are you that your defences will work as intended when you are under attack?

How can you be assured that your layered defences will work as expected when the time comes?

Threat actors are skilled (and persistent) at finding even the tiniest chinks in your armour; psychological profiling, zero-day exploits and the reconnaissance for misconfigured systems are just some of the ways they can slip through the net.

The 460degrees Business Attack Simulation services are will stress-test the combination of defences you have in place and see how they stand up to a wide range of known threat vectors and attacks:

Breach attack simulations

We put your security, data loss and backup/restoration technology through its paces, performing safe attack simulations based on thousands of known cyber threats. Your results are mapped against the MITRE ATT&K framework and reported back along with recommended actions.

Human factors attack simulation

This is like a fire drill for your cybersecurity. We’ll assess both behaviours and role execution, observing your staff as they react to a simulated breach. Your full report will detail what we’ve observed, as well as steps you can take to improve the all-important ‘human element’ in your cyber defences.

Process attack simulation

Strong processes (and compliance) support effective human response to a threat. We’ll identify any gaps and advise on any changes or improvements to be made.

When teams operate in siloes of experience and expertise, communication blocks can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems.

While most cybersecurity professionals have experience in infrastructure cybersecurity, very few are effectively skilled in secure software development practices, making the timely development and maintenance of secure systems almost impossible.

As interdisciplinary experts, the 460degrees team grants your business access to the “full stack’ software security expertise with extensive real-world experience across a broad range of product delivery team sizes, technologies and industries.

Regardless of the development methodologies you use (such as Agile, SaFE, Lean, RAD, RUP, Waterfall and SDL) we ensure psychologically acceptable security practices are embedded into the software product from ideation through to decommissioning.

With a centralised delivery approach combined with distributed enablement of teams,  460degrees brings traceability between the  who, what, why and where changes are made to bring comprehensive visibility into your product delivery so nothing slips through the cracks.

Bottom line: we’ll work out what you need to achieve sustainable security of your systems and implement changes, without losing productivity or making life hard for your teams.


Putting your people at the centre of your cybersecurity is essential. But when your approach is chiefly reactive and unlinked to your overall risk management strategy, staff are left confused; it can be hard to get buy-in.

To be effective, your governance should be more than just words; it must be understood and supported by your team.

That why 460degrees works with your staff to co-develop your Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy.

First we assess your cyber maturity, evaluating compliance with the standards applicable to your needs (ASD Essential 8, ISO 27001 and NIST standards etc ) using automated assessment tools.

Then we work with you to develop your cybersecurity plan and policies. Our end-to-end cyber strategy ensures staff buy-in. We’ll also put your team to the test with our tailored ‘Cyber Gym’ program, to make sure your business remains resilient against persistent threats.

Finally, instant results and feedback are made available to the executive via an automated dashboard, providing instant value with minimal investment or the need for ongoing consultancy.