the what
and the how


You don’t need another consultant who’ll stroll into your business, roll out a standard set of recommendations then walk away before anyone can hold them accountable. You need something ‘off your desk.’

And it’s a promise 460degrees Experts deliver on across six capability domains.

Emerging Technologies

  • Sezoo
  • Emerging Technology
  • Digital Disruption Assessment and Advisory
  • New Digital Identity
  • Access and Identity Management
  • Ethics in Technology
  • A Different Approach to Technology

Communication Networks

  • Communication Networks
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Architecture & Network Engineering
  • Building Site & Data Centre Engineering
  • Network Infrastructure Rollout Services
  • Radio Frequency Planning Design & Optimisation

Program Delivery

  • Program & Project Delivery
  • Business Analysis
  • Program Delivery
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Project Assurance


  • Devops as a culture
  • Working together
  • Make things happen

Stategic Data Management

  • Making data smarter
  • Insights & Visualisation
  • Data in the Cloud
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Modelling


  • Overview
  • Full Stack Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Security
  • Human-Centric Cybersecurity (HCCS)
  • Multidomain Cybersecurity
  • Business Attack Simulations
  • Software Development Security
  • Strategy & Governance