460degrees is an

Expert Management Agency

We’re excited by that moment of transformation. So we work hard to develop our expertise. Our clients know that with our hard-won process, they get the right expert who can create great results using our innovative and collaborative approach.

To us, consulting is not just about “passing on knowledge” – in fact, we go far beyond this. Our experts ensure that our valued clients run, grow and transform from all angles.

A business transformation opens up new horizons to explore, both externally and internally, through embracing new markets or industries and capitalising on these opportunities. We believe this focus allows access to new revenue streams which can lead to successful organisational growth.
Consequently, this fostered growth equips organisations with the necessary tools to run as efficiently and cost-effective as possible.

The energy that propels our work not only drives every decision we make, but makes complex projects simple. Together we can thrive from every angle.

Expert Capabilities