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The smarter choice isn’t always the ‘no-brainer’

Every B2B contract starts with one question: “Who do we know”? Selecting a Big 4 feels inevitable. Familiar. Big. Expensive. Safe.

It seems like all the thinking has been done for you. A classic no-brainer. But 460degrees’ Expert Talent Management model offers you an opportunity. To make a smarter choice.

Working directly with the industry’s top talent means you get the insight-driven results you expect, without the endless layers of reporting and expensive Big 4 theatre. Exceeded expectations, at a fraction of the cost, with higher levels of accountability and lower risk (because everyone’s got skin in the game)? That’s something worth thinking about.

460degrees Experts execute across six key areas of capability. Want to see how we can help raise your business’ IQ?

Genius as a ServicE

As the only Expert Talent Management agency, we haven’t just re-packaged ‘Consultancy.’ We took a sledgehammer to it, moving the Expert to the centre of the model. Because when you support and resource star talent, they’re no longer just another battery powering a big clumsy machine. They’re the engine driving your success.

Whether your project demands specific experience, depth of skill or some unique quality, a 460degrees Expert’s superpower becomes your business advantage. With their wins tied to your results and your results tied to their genius, accountability is clear, risk is low and great results are assured.

Knowledge well-executed

All our Experts retain ownership of their IP – something large firms could never afford to do. Not as long as knowledge is their chief currency.

But in this information age, knowledge is no longer the point. It’s how you execute that counts. And who executes? Not a faceless firm. It’s an individual. You don’t need another profit-maximised solution looking for a problem. You need a gifted problem-solver. A thinker and doer who’ll take the time to make sure the problem you hand them is the one that needs solving.

Because we’ve literally made it our business to track down unique individuals with a wide range of exceptional skill, deep experience and rare ability, you’re sure to find a perfect match

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It’s all upside from here

At this point, all we’re asking is that you weigh up your options. We’re not worried. We know our model tips the balance in your favour because there’s really no downside. Results, efficiency, value, accountability are all on the up and up. The only thing we’ve reduced is your risk.

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