A Tech Focused Management Consultancy

that delivers connected expert-led business outcomes

Empowering Experts, Empowering You

460degrees is a tech focused management consultancy with a unique business model that attracts world class talent and delivers connected, expert-led business outcomes for clients.

As an Expert Management Agency, our job is to attract and empower the best technical and business experts from around the world, then connect them into our client’s problem space so they can co-create the right solutions together.

We are committed to achieving sustainable and authentic outcomes, and we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – every organisation is different. Time and time again, we create unique, tailored approaches that ensure our experts are empowered, invested and able to deliver technical excellence with absolute focus on our clients’ desired business outcomes.

460degrees Experts execute across six capability domains.

Empowered Experts

The right solution needs to be driven by the right blend of talent and teamwork. From business case and solution design to implementation and handover, our work is grounded in the deep knowledge of our teams and their collective ability to deliver complex multidisciplinary projects as one.

Invested Genius

It takes a certain type of genius to solve problems that have never been solved before. By removing unnecessary management layers and creating direct connections between our talent and our clients, we operate a ‘fair value exchange’ model which links the efforts of our experts directly to our clients’ success.

Absolute focus

We get to know our clients. Really know them. By understanding their risks, aspirations and operating constraints, we’re able to co-create project strategies and technology solutions aligned to their business outcomes and underpinned by the certainty that comes with proven methods, established IP and experienced talent.

Find out how we can help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

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