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Cybersecurity Strategy & Governance

Putting your people at the centre of your cybersecurity is essential. But when your approach is chiefly reactive and unlinked to your overall risk management strategy, staff are left confused; it can be hard to get buy-in.

To be effective, your cyber strategy and governance should be more than just words; it must be understood and supported by your team.

That why 460degrees works with your staff to co-develop your Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy.

First we assess your cyber maturity, evaluating compliance with the standards applicable to your needs (ASD Essential 8, ISO 27001 and NIST standards etc ) using automated assessment tools.

Then we work with you to develop your cybersecurity plan and policies. Our end-to-end cyber strategy ensures staff buy-in. We’ll also put your team to the test with our tailored ‘Cyber Gym’ program, to make sure your business remains resilient against persistent threats.

Finally, instant results and feedback are made available to the executive via an automated dashboard, providing instant value with minimal investment or the need for ongoing consultancy.

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