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In an age where data is the new currency, your gateway to limitless possibilities is within reach. We harness the elasticity of the cloud and blend it with strategic data management to build an orchestra of insights, security, and scalability for your business. Our experts are the maestro in this symphony, orchestrating a performance that transforms raw data into a tapestry of actionable intelligence. Delve into the 460degrees experience, where data takes flight and your business soars to new heights.”

Strategic data management capabilities

In our digital world, organisations collect more data about their business and customers than they know what to do with. But without the right strategies in place, your greatest opportunity remains your greatest untapped resource.

Data remembers your past, clarifies the present, and has the power to shape your future. Our 460degrees’ Strategic Data Management (SDM) team can help you harness and leverage that resource to uncover key insights and make better, more informed decisions to increase efficiency, profitability, and growth.

We’ll put your data to work for you

Strategic Data Management is about so much more than organising buckets of information. It’s about interrogating numbers until they give up their stories, so you can achieve results that go far beyond a spreadsheet.

Whether we’re helping a healthcare provider improve patient outcomes, a financial institution optimise risk management, or a retailer to better understand their customers, data is what sparks transformation. We’re talking real world impact you can touch and see.

How our data management consultants help

As your volume of data grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage this major asset without a clear and effective strategy.

460degrees’ SDM team can provide the tools and expertise you need to take advantage of cloud computing to get the most out of your data and reduce your risk.

Here are some of the ways we can help:

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Expert advice on formulating and executing a comprehensive cloud strategy tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. We’ll start by assessing your existing IT infrastructure to identify opportunities for migration or optimisation, and evaluating various cloud models (public, private, or hybrid) and service providers to determine the best fit.

Cloud Migration and Implementation

After devising a suitable cloud strategy, our team can help migrate your applications, workloads, and data to the cloud. This may involve redesigning applications for cloud-native architecture, developing new deployment processes, and ensuring data security and compliance throughout your migration.

Strategic Data Management and Analytics

To help you most effectively use and manage your data, we offer services including data integration, data governance, data quality management, and advanced data analytics. These strategic data management practices will help you gain valuable insights, drive informed decision-making, and enhance your organisation’s overall performance.

Data Governance, Security and Compliance

The importance of the security and compliance of your cloud data environment can’t be overstated. This involves taking measures to protect data from unauthorised access, theft, or loss; the development of encryption, access controls, and disaster recovery solutions.

To safeguard your most sensitive data and maintain compliance with regulatory standards, we can help you develop policies and procedures for managing your data, including defining data standards, identifying data owners and stakeholders, and establishing processes for data access, sharing, and use.


Our teams can design data structures and systems to support your data management strategy. This may include the development of data models, data warehousing, and data integration solutions.

Integration & Quality Management

We’ll bring together data from different sources to create a single view of your organisation. Through developing data pipelines, data mapping, and data transformation solutions, we ensure your data is accurate, complete, and consistent. Version Control tools maintain a single repository of code thus helping in maintaining the quality of code.


Automation helps to reduce cost and manual error/misses. Automation is now extended to CI/CD which gives the flexibility to deploy code changes without the need of a deployment team. Right from extracting data, loading it and deployment in cloud, everything can be automated

Data is only as valuable as the insights it delivers. Our SDM insights and visualisation services provide your business with the tools and expertise to transform data into a vision for growth.

Transforming data for business growth

Data visualisation and storytelling

Our Expert team will develop charts, graphs, and even custom visualisations of your data to make it quick and easy to understand. Not everyone in your organisation is a ‘numbers person,’ so we use narrative techniques through the data visualisation to craft insightful, data-driven stories tailored to specific audiences such as executives or customers.

Dashboard design

Integrating data from multiple sources, we’ll create interactive data dashboards allowing you to easily access and explore your data.

Data analytics

Using statistical techniques and algorithms, we’ll analyse your data insights to identify patterns and trends. Options like predictive analytics can help you forecast future trends and make better informed decisions.

Most organisations are aware of the many benefits of cloud computing, but migrating mountains of data efficiently and safely can feel like moving, well… a mountain.

Strategic data management with the cloud

Our team of Enterprise Cloud and SDM Experts provide a full range of services to help you migrate your data from on-premises storage to the cloud, then manage it in ways that are secure, reliable, and scalable.

Cloud data migration

Our data migration Experts will develop and implement a tailored migration plan, ensuring safe and secure transfer of your data from on-premises storage to the cloud, optimised for both performance and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud storage architecture

We’ll design and implement a cloud-based storage infrastructure to meet your organisation’s unique needs, optimising for data accessibility, security, and performance.

Cloud data management

We’ll roll out cloud data management processes and tools designed to support your organisation’s data management strategy in the cloud, including the development of data backup and recovery solutions, data archiving solutions, and data governance processes.

Cloud Security Architecture

Data needs to be protected in the cloud against any unauthenticated/unauthorised access. It is really important in today’s world as we see major data breaches resulting in customers’ sensitive data being exposed. Building a robust security and data architecture will provide the best possible protection of data from any kind of unauthorised exposure.

By partnering with 460degrees, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence to make more accurate and data-driven decisions.

Strategic data management services with AI and machine learning

Our full range of data management services will help you develop and deploy custom algorithms and models tailored to your specific needs and goals, then integrate them seamlessly into your existing systems and processes:

Data analysis

Using statistical techniques and data visualisation tools, we’ll explore and interpret your data to identify patterns and trends, unearthing a wealth of actionable insights.

Algorithm development

Using machine learning (such deep learning or natural language processing), our experts can create custom algorithms, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation to analyse and interpret even the most complex data.

Model deployment

We’ll help you integrate machine learning models into your organisation’s existing systems and processes. This may involve the development of APIs or other integration tools, allowing models to be accessed and used by other systems or applications.

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