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Cloud Data Management

Most organisations are aware of the many benefits of cloud computing, but migrating mountains of data efficiently and safely can feel like moving, well… a mountain.

Our team of Enterprise Cloud and SDM Experts provide a full range of services to help you migrate your data from on-premises storage to the cloud, then manage it in ways that are secure, reliable, and scalable.

Cloud data migration: our Experts will develop and implement a tailored migration plan, ensuring safe and secure transfer of your data from on-premises storage to the cloud, optimised for both performance and cost-effectiveness.

Cloud storage architecture: we’ll design and implement a cloud-based storage infrastructure to meet your organisation’s unique needs, optimising for data accessibility, security, and performance.

Cloud data management: we’ll roll out data management processes and tools designed to support your organisation’s data management strategy in the cloud, including the development of data backup and recovery solutions, data archiving solutions, and data governance processes.

Cloud Security Architecture: Data needs to be protected in the cloud against any unauthenticated/unauthorised access. It is really important in today’s world as we see major data breaches resulting in customers’ sensitive data being exposed. Building a robust security and data architecture will provide the best possible protection of data from any kind of unauthorised exposure.