Doug Drinkwater

Doug Drinkwater

Partner, Practice Lead, Cloud & Strategic Data Management


460degrees Partner and SDM Champion, Doug, is highly experienced in the strategic data management, business intelligence and business improvement space, having implemented major data transformation programs across commercial, government, banking, education, and telco sectors over many years.

Doug’s experience in the delivery of complex solutions has given him the opportunity to work with senior executives, to advise and deliver a range of critical initiatives related to the strategic management of data platforms and cloud solutions.

Doug understands the area he works in is highly complex and many businesses and stakeholders can get lost in the technology. As such, he is renowned for his ability to translate complexity into something that is meaningful for his clients and their stakeholders.

Doug loves accomplishing new things while also dedicating time to coaching and mentoring others to achieve their personal and professional goals. He is a keen golfer and loves spending time with his wife and walking their dogs together.

Insights from Doug Drinkwater


Data governance and decentralisation: redefining the rules of engagement in the cybersecurity arms race

From identity theft through to financial fraud and even blackmail, the consequences of a data breach in today’s digital landscape can be devastating for individuals, businesses, and governments alike.

Doug Drinkwater | 18 Apr. 2023