Ned Johnson

Ned Johnson

Lead Consultant, Strategic Data Management


Ned contributes to 460degrees’ business growth and transformations: bringing programs on track, creating cost-saving initiatives, and promoting cultural change.

Ned began his career in banking in the UK, then moved into telecommunications in the US and Australia, with a specific focus on data and technology. Gaining insight to the ways clients approach challenges across these industries provided his well-rounded view of sustainable ways to make a difference.

Now at 460degrees, Ned helps simplify and solve a wide range of problems that affect efficiency and productivity. He enjoys creating an efficient foundation for clients to build on, knowing that that this foundation provides not only value to the business, but also makes people happier, less stressed, and more productive.

Ned is a martial artist, a sculptor, shoe collector, and outdoor enthusiast. He has a wonderful and loving family and friend base across the globe, and enjoys travelling around to build memories with them.