Sumanth BUdamagunta

Sumanth BUdamagunta

Data Engineer & Cloud Architect


To the uninitiated, a title like Data Engineer Cloud Architect might be a lot to unpack. But when you boil it down, what Experts like Sumanth Budamagunta do is define a business problem, envisage and design the cloud-based data solution, then take that vision and make it happen. Which obviously takes a high-level of knowledge and expertise.

With a background in computer science, Sumanth has converted that knowledge into wisdom via his work on cutting-edge projects across the healthcare and telecommunications sectors. Never one to rest on his laurels, Sumanth now brings that restless, life-long learner energy to the 460degrees team.

When he’s not at work routinely exceeding client expectations, you’ll find Sumanth indulging one of his passions – film, travel, music and dance.