Angela Palahinjak

Angela Palahinjak

People & Culture Lead

Our Culture – It binds, blends & builds our culture



As our 460degrees People & Culture Lead, Angela works to empower genius within a values-driven culture.

She drives a connected, collaborative, and self-directed workplace, where alignment between the business and the Experts’ ‘why’ is crucial. In understanding what makes our Experts tick she creates trusted relationships, removing the noise so Experts can stay focused on what gives them meaning and purpose.

While Angela has worked with 460degrees since early 2020, she also worked with many of our team members in 2008 at CharterMason, where the idea of the world’s first expert management agency was born. Why did she come back? It’s simple – to work alongside talented and inspiring thought leaders and to become a part of the world’s first EMA. Angela’s career has been built on connecting and leading people working across industries such as management consulting, recruitment specialising in IT, retail, and law.

Day-to-day, Angela loves helping people focus on what matters most so they can live fulfilling lives and achieve their aspirations. For her, a great result is when our Experts have a deep connection to their workplace and people and feel a sense of achievement.

When not focused on the world of 460degrees, Angela loves being with her family and friends. Angela’s happy place is being at home on her farm with her husband, two beautiful daughters, goats, sheep, horses and a ram.

She is a self-confessed ‘coffee snob’ and food and wine lover, travel doer and dreamer, wellness fanatic, Simon Sinek buff, kitchen dancer, Wiggles and Frozen expert, and all-round happiness addict.

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