Mathew Dawe

Mathew Dawe

Practice Lead, Devops

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As DevOps Champion at 460degrees, Mathew advocates for the benefits of DevOps practices. Leading by example he upskills and mentors colleagues and team members, and demonstrates the value of alternative ways of working.

Mathew has always been interested in discovering how things work. He started his career as a web developer, and quickly found himself working on operations tasks, database management and infrastructure programming. From ExtraCorp/ to ESPN he worked his way to full stack developer, taking on a technical lead role in a fast-paced, high user traffic environment. IOOF provided the opportunity to contribute to a cutting-edge infrastructure automation system and development of a bespoke containerised platform for delivering business focused applications in a highly regulated environment.

At 460degrees, a great result for Mathew is delivering a quality product or service to our client that provides immediate value and exceeds their expectations. He has embraced the DevOps movement, and feels it perfectly sums up his career and ambitions, his passion and focus.

Mathew is a self-confessed ‘gadget geek’ who loves all forms of technology, from computers to micro-controllers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He has enjoyed what IoT (Internet of Things) has brought us and is forever attempting to automate things around the house. A father of two young boys, Mathew loves spending time with friends and family and watching his boys grow up. He also watches motorsport and Aussie Rules football, and when the opportunity arises, gets out for a game of golf.

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