Daniel Stojanov

Daniel Stojanov

Lead Software Engineer





Daniel’s  title may be Software Engineer Lead, but for our DevOps Expert, Daniel Stojanov, his work is best defined as creative problem-solving.

When you think of software development, you might imagine a scene from The Matrix: dark screens of incomprehensible code. But, according to Daniel, it’s really about creating tools that are both useful and usable; things people swipe, touch, poke and play with every day.

That’s what Daniel does for our clients. He begins a project by taking in all the complex technical details of how software systems work. He then identifies the optimal patterns and designs that can be built into sophisticated applications. As he puts it, a good software engineer knows how to take Jenga blocks and turn them into a Colosseum; everything fits together as it should and is built to last.

With a background in aerospace engineering, Daniel’s career has seen him work on some cutting-edge projects. He once developed an application that used search and other AI algorithms to design metal structures that were then built with 3D printing technologies. This led him to publish no less than four papers on the topic, appearing in peer reviewed journals as first author.

In one of Daniel’s most recent Fintech projects, he was responsible for architecting and developing an algorithmic trading platform for retail clients to access via the web.

Whether he’s awaiting the correct output on a terminal, conducting a successful test or creating an animation on a webpage, Daniel says the most satisfying part of his job is seeing his ideas make their way out of his head and onto the screen.

Outside of work, Daniel is most likely to be found feeding his insatiably curious mind a steady diet of books – usually on whatever topic has most recently caught his eye. He also enjoys cycling and channelling his creativity into cooking up culinary delights.