Rob Walliser

Rob Walliser

Champion, Business Transformation


Project Delivery



Change might be the only constant in today’s flexible, mobile workforce. Remote workers, digital disruption, frequent restructures and talent shortages make finding and then keeping the best people in the right roles a persistent challenge for businesses and organisations.

Leading teams through significant change takes vision, leadership and drive. Qualities Rob Walliser, our 460degrees’ Workforce Management Expert, has in spades.

Joining the team in late 2020, Rob brings over 27 years’ experience to the table.

His rich and varied career kicked off in the petrochemical industry where he worked as a design engineer before switching lanes into management consultancy with KPMG. He then further honed his skills, holding a series of senior operational roles across the insurance and financial services industries.

As the champion of the 460degree workforce planning solution, Rob delivers business transformation programs and helps our clients maintain high-performing teams.

Known for his authentic leadership style, Rob genuinely loves helping people and has a knack for quickly creating trusting work environments. A great day at the office means finding better ways of doing things and learning something new.

Rob’s passion for helping others follows him outside the workplace and into a volunteer role as Director for disaster relief charity, ShelterBox. Clearly not one to sit still, any ‘downtime’ is spent gardening, walking his dog, getting out for a bike ride or spending time with his family.