When you’re aligned with your mission, great things are possible. And Laura Madrid, our 460degrees Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Expert, lives hers in everything she does. At the heart of that mission lies her core belief that we’re all responsible for doing things better – not just for us but also for future generations.

Consistently described as positive, passionate and determined, Laura enjoys having an impact by helping clients and their teams take a holistic approach to business sustainability. Her skills and experience are matched only by her ability to facilitate open conversations and see issues from unexplored angles.

An asset to the 460degrees team, Laura brings to the table deep expertise, leadership and management skills, honed though a series of awareness, change and project management roles. Driven by her passion for sustainability and knowledge-sharing, she also recently founded the Environmental Professional Community of Australia (EPCA) – an organisation dedicated to supporting and inspiring those working in the industry as they work together to create a better future.

It should be no surprise that Laura spends any free time she has immersed in the natural environment she loves – whether that’s scuba diving in the ocean or finding a peaceful moment of self-reflection in a quiet forest. She also enjoys keeping fit and spending meaningful time with her loved ones.

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