Royston Sta Maria

Royston Sta Maria

Senior Project Manager


Royston brings over 20 years’ experience in digital and project management to his work at 460degrees. He enjoys the daily challenges of project management, collaborating with teams and stakeholders to ensure successful delivery of his responsibilities.

Royston’s experience working across many industries has seen him enjoy a diverse career working on many fascinating projects around the world. He has contributed to multiple delivery methodologies (both Waterfall and Agile) on software and infrastructure projects and engaged with many stakeholders in digital and business.

After hours, Royston enjoys the simplicity of just relaxing at home with the family, enjoying a home-cooked meal and spending the night with a movie on the weekends.

Insights from Royston Sta Maria


Be a Project Manager for all (and not just for you!)

“The results speak for themselves” is a common saying in many industries. Project Managers and businesses of all kinds are fond of this saying as proof of their success. But what goes on behind the scenes?

Royston Sta Maria | 11 Apr. 2023