Kartik Ayyalasomayajula

Kartik Ayyalasomayajula

Delivery Partner

No cookie cutter, no frameworks


Project Delivery



As a 460degrees Partner, Kartik supports a range of clients at 460degrees, playing a key role in solution development for large, complex challenges across several different sectors.

Since becoming part of this world-first technology Expert Management Agency in 2019, he has worked on projects in the federal and state government, telecommunications, FMCG, human resources and financial services sectors.

Kartik says the best part about his role is the people he gets to collaborate with and the project opportunities provided by the 460degrees model.

He takes great pride in delivering strong results for clients, especially when he can deliver additional outcomes by solving a problem they didn’t know existed.

When not at work, Kartik – who is a keen R&B and hip-hop enthusiast – hosts a weekly music show on a Sydney radio station. He is also a keen supporter of the Carlton Football Club and India’s national cricket team.