Thomas Robin

Thomas Robin

Lead Developer (Sezoo)


Digital Trust



Thomas Robin’s business card might read ‘Consultant’ but printed in invisible ink is his real title, ‘Apprentice Digital Trust Wizard.’

As a valued member of the Sezoo team, partnering with 460degrees, Thomas’ role is to support Sezoo in delivering decentralised, human centred solutions to empower groups and people into a better digital future.

What does that look like on the ground? You might find Thomas preparing and reviewing materials for workshops, developing content on Digital Identity and related topics or bringing a fresh perspective and approach to problem solving client issues. Solving complex situations with new, innovative ideas and technology is his jam – he strives to deliver solutions that are built for both comfort and speed.

With a background in implementing large scale digital and mobile projects, Thomas brings to the table solid experience as a Consultant and Business Analyst, specialising in Design Thinking, Human Centred Design and Digital transformation. A career highlight (so far) was lending his skills to the development of the NDIS mobile app, ensuring its accessibility for all users. The app was rated as being one of the best government apps on the market.

Joining the Sezoo team puts Thomas one step closer to achieving his ultimate career goal – becoming a leading figure in the innovation space and leaving a lasting footprint on the world by designing/developing/implementing a new cutting edge design/systems/technology.

A pop-culture devotee and avid fan of tabletop RPG games, Thomas’ passions include film, music, history and food. A curious, lifelong learner, he has set himself a personal challenge of learning to cook a dish from every country he visits.