Thomas Robin

Thomas Robin

Business Analyst


Project Delivery



The single biggest factor in the success of any project is a team’s ability to bridge the gap between business needs and technical solutions. And when you’ve got a talented Business Analyst, like Thomas Robin, who can deftly translate client problems into an actionable plan, that’s when you can really get things done.

With a background in engineering, Thomas kicked off his career as a consultant offering vital business and project management support. As he honed his expertise through diverse digital and mobile projects, from small-scale apps to large multi-country rollouts, Design Thinking and User Experience became particular areas of interest and skill. Deciding to run with that specialisation, Thomas joined Sezoo, a 460degrees partner, giving him the opportunity to dive head-first into the world of digital identity, showcasing his passion for facilitating growth and development using new technology.

For Thomas, a great day in the office involves spying opportunities to apply out-of-the-box thinking and offer new paths of growth. Thanks to his dedication and expertise,  clients routinely seek him out for their next project.

A pop-culture devotee and avid fan of tabletop RPG games, Thomas’ passions include film, music, history and food. A curious, lifelong learner, he has set himself a personal challenge of learning to cook a dish from every country he visits.