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Project Delivery & Management

Our project delivery and management experts are committed to helping our clients successfully deliver their projects. We make projects happen.

Our Project Management Consultants are highly experienced in project delivery management, business analysis and provide high level project management consulting. We improve business structure, values and products, and our experts are dedicated to improving business outcomes. Planning makes perfect, so get perfect planning with us.

Project Delivery and Management Capabilities

For both decision-making and acquiring an in-depth look at your business, business analysis could be the answer.

The role of business analysis in project delivery and management

Business analysis helps organisations be informed on past, present, as well as future decisions.

It assists with creating an in-depth understanding of processes, procedures, and target markets.

Our Project Management experts evaluate your institution and make recommendations based on our wealth of experience across many sectors.

We help inform client choices with focus interviews, workshops, use-case developments, design-thinking approaches, and more.


Our clients are always looking at ways to improve their business, in turn requiring project teams to carry out any changes.

Project Delivery Consulting

The 460degrees’ expert difference means that not only are we well-versed in the art of project management, but also in the intangibles such as internal expectation management.

We provide awesome project managing consultants – the people with influence and ability to lead and direct teams, as well as make decisions and provide cross-situational clarity.

We help to change the status quo in organisations, whether they need extra hands on deck or for our experts to run projects in entirety.

460degrees’ approach to Project Management Office (PMO) has a ‘value-added’ service focus, rather than simply administrative.

How PMO helps with Project Management

Our experts create these Project Management Offices based on your individual project needs.

While this of course takes on board administrative functions (ultimately less for your organisation to worry about), we also coordinate delivery, financials and governance of your portfolio.

Our experts can help identify risk and issues across programs, with our passion for PMO ensuring that we are active assets to your team.

Goal aspiration is step one. Step two is ensuring quality.

Project Assurance is an integral part of project delivery

Once a business case is approved, a team needs to be put together. Where our experts come in with Project Assurance is dependant on your organisational needs.

Whether your project wants to start off in the right direction or get back on track with timelines and cost management, delay prevention and an improved quality of outcome, we can assist.

At 460degrees we provide the client with independent assessment and recommendations to ensure that each task is successfully delivered, each step of the way.

Beyond here, we also facilitate post-implementation reviews, so that you know what went well, what didn’t, and how to ensure improvements for next time.

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