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The business landscape of today is ever-changing: technology is rapidly evolving, working environments are gaining pace, and opportunities for both organisation and consumer are increasing. A lightweight framework can be key to navigating through this new market landscape.

Corporations are continuously exposed to all sorts of new circumstances with technological advancements, presenting greater opportunities for the disruption of traditional business models, and in turn offering customers greater and more complex choices.

The need for increased agility is now a strategic imperative. Organisations seek agile transformations so they can better challenge competitors, delight consumers, innovate, and achieve greater workflow and throughout. Our experts not only understand this, but have a plethora of practical experience implementing the innovative process.

From the augmentation of agile natives into your teams, to training and coaching through to organisation wide agile transformation solutions, 460degrees offers everything your business needs to unlock its agility capability.

Organisational change and transformation is hard. However, our experience partnering and working alongside our clients tells us it doesn’t need to be.

As the business landscape becomes increasingly more complex, we believe organisational objectives can no longer be met solely by easy or obvious answers, best practices, or cookie cutter solutions.

The most effective way to navigate these intricacies is by helping to develop a pragmatic and adaptive approach – to both transformation, and continuous improvement.

460degrees’ solutions help our clients discover, design and execute agility change initiatives at all levels of an organisation. Based on our extensive experience of organisational transformations, they are informed by characteristics of world-class agile organisations, and underpinned by LEAN and agile principles.

The core assets of any organisation are its team members. 460degrees has an agile coaching culture that allows your people to grow and become greater today than they were yesterday.

Successful businesses view themselves as adaptive organisations, as well as recognise that a focus on helping people grow and achieving mastery is key to high engagement. On-the-ground coaching, with relevant training, is a highly effective way to level up your team.

460degrees agile coaches are pragmatic, situational servant leaders who bring real world experience and a wide portfolio of tools, practices and frameworks such as SAFe, Scrum and Kanban. Furthermore, this is backed by the support of a large, passionate and active community of 460degrees agile practitioners.

We work at all levels of the organisation, from squad, to tribe, and to the enterprise as a whole, to help embed agile principles and practice.

Team and organisational training from 460degrees’ well-practiced agile experts allows our clients to get hands-on learning experience for maximum benefit.

Armed with real-world experience and solid theoretical understanding, our agile coaches and practitioners train through an understanding that is backed up by our years of skill development and organisational implementation.

460degrees training capabilities include certified SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework®), the definitive scaling network worldwide, as well as Scrum (scrum.org), a framework that separates complex projects into prioritised, incremental sprints, kicking attainable goals up until that final milestone.

We offer tailored agile principles, processes, practices, and tools for a dynamic range of targets. This includes ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Business Owners, and Stakeholders.

“SAFe and Scaled Agile Framework are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.”

Sometimes organisations just need additional agile natives to help kick their goals.

To increase capacity or grow team skills, an organisation may need a few more agile experts in the line-up to assist. 460degrees’ experts are well-versed in these needs. Our natives in this field come from multiple disciplines and domains and are ready to fit right in and hit the ground running within your agile organisation.

Whether you need people such as ScrumMasters, Product Owners, DevOps Engineers, Agile Business Analysts, Release Train Engineers, or Tribe Leads to add capacity or expertise, 460degrees can provide the right expert for the right job.

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