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Data is a major asset for all businesses. Just like any other asset, data must be managed to maximise its value and reduce risk.

Data is integral to nearly any business operation you can think of, and is increasingly the driving force behind all modern business.

For many organisations, the data has become a revenue stream in its own right.

Therefore, loss or corruption presents a real and growing risk.

And yet, overall management of data assets lags well behind the opportunities and risks. While technology has driven advances in data storage, analytics, BI and data integration, other aspects of data management are often forgotten.

Advanced analytics needs quality data like a high-performance car needs quality fuel. Issues in data quality can also indicate broader problems with data management in the business.

460degrees’ Strategic Data Management experts are experienced in their own data disciplines (including analysts, architects, BI practitioners) but also they bring a broader understanding of all aspects of data management. It’s that broader understanding that makes them experts.

A trove of data is useless without a way to understand important aspects within.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the business sense it is also worth time saved through communication and productivity across your workforce.

Great visualisation will allow a room full of team members with different skillsets to see data with the same level of understanding. It is a communication tool that translates the complex into the very simple.

Our experts can decipher the meaning behind data, also utilising tools such as RPython, Spark, Tableau, as well as ETL tools such Pentaho and Talend.

We also have access to specialised technology partners such as data framework software company FraXses.

Utilising data is of great importance for a business, as is a storage method for all this information.

Our clients are in different phases of the data-utilisation and management life cycle, and know that the 460degrees team can pin-point where they need to invest in this journey, or even start it.

Data management at its simplest can be broken down into layers: storage, processing (or batch processing), and serving.

Our experts ensure that this process is implemented and running smoothly, end-to-end.

Through managing data, our experts can assist with driving down costs and improving efficiency, overall enabling a well-informed business.

Cloud computing can offer great ease and prospects to an organisation. Increasingly, more businesses are turning toward cloud computing for their data service needs.

Being agile as an organisation is important in a saturated market.

A cloud computing solution allows for prioritisation of resources and business catalogues.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is disposable