460degrees 25 Aug. 2023

460degrees becomes a Platinum Pledge Partner of Soldier On

Soldier On Platinum Partner

460degrees is extremely proud to announce that we are a 2023 Platinum Pledge Partner of Soldier On, a not-for-profit organisation which enables veterans and their families to thrive and secure long-term meaningful employment.

Established in 2012, Soldier On delivers a range of early intervention services to veterans and their families in multiple locations across Australia. Providing a holistic model of support, focusing on Health and wellbeing, Employment Support, Learning and Education programs and Participation and Social Connection.

Whether Australian veterans or their family members need to access services in one or all four areas, Soldier On are there to help them connect with others and enable them to thrive through tailored programs.

If you would like more information on Soldier On visit – https://soldieron.org.au/supporting-us/the-pledge/

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