John Phillips

John Phillips

Partner, Emerging Technology, Digital Trust (Sezoo)

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John Phillips is an expert in Self-Sovereign Identity and leads the 460degrees Ventures, Emerging Technology and Education practices.

John believes that Self Sovereign Identity represents a better model for digital identity for people, organisations, and things on a global scale. He sees SSI as a disruptive force for change for good, and wants to be a catalyst for that change, helping people and organisations navigate their way to a better future.

With over 20 years of international experience, half gained in high technology industries and half gained in management consulting, John has worked in 10 countries in sectors ranging from the Space Industry to Government, Finance, Utilities, Telco, Gaming, Retail, Engineering Services, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Distribution, and Higher Education.

A Partner in 460degrees and a highly capable communicator, facilitator and presenter, John has a collaborative style that together with his experience, natural curiosity and broad subject knowledge, allows him to work with teams and people at all levels.

Settled with his family in Australia since 1999, John became an avid, some might say addicted, cyclist.

Insights from John Phillips


Untangling Open Banking: how the CDR works (and how it could work better)

Open banking is no longer something ‘out there’ in the future. It’s here. And it’s set to shake things up. Right now, with little to no uptake and limited industry activity, the CDR implementation model isn’t being stress-tested. We believe there are better ways to implement CDR that could hold the key to resolving many issues.

Jo Spencer John Phillips | 07 Jun. 2022

Podcast: WHY Self Sovereign Identity is important

Listen to John Phillips discuss why Self Sovereign Identity will play an important role in how we manage our personal information and data in the future.

John Phillips | 05 Apr. 2020

SSI in the time of COVID-19: this can help us all

Self-Sovereign Identity can be a powerful ally in our global battle against COVID-19. Here’s why.

John Phillips | 26 Mar. 2020