Haridini Simson

Haridini Simson

Talent Acquisition Lead

I feel a strong bond in this business



Haridini Simson always says recruitment was something she ‘fell’ into, making her career journey sound much like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. Which actually makes sense. Because so much of what she does as Talent Acquisition Lead at 460degrees involves a touch of magic, mystery and the alchemy that happens when talent and clients connect.

Having a talent for talent spotting sounds a bit meta, but in our business there couldn’t be a more essential role. Famous for her efficiency and uncompromisingly high standards, Haridini heads up our Talent functions with a real depth of experience, backed up by a knack and a ‘knowing’ for when she’s found the perfect person to meet a client’s unique needs.

Before joining the 460degrees team in 2017, Haridini spent over a decade in agency recruitment, primarily in Digital and Tech. She now finds joy in understanding a candidate’s professional goals, then aligning them to job opportunities that create win-win client relationships. A great day in the office means collaborating with her colleagues and team members to deliver a unified outcome.

Outside the workplace, Haridini is an animal lover (she has no less than two dogs and a cat) and lives to spend time with her husband and kids, delighting in the fun and organised chaos of weekend sport and a busy social life.

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