Gamified cyber security training that makes you laugh out loud (and learn)

We use bite-sized quizzes in a team vs team format.

Using gamification like leaderboards and badges we increase training engagement, and thus reduce human error.

Real world examples crafted by cyber experts

Our quizzes are written by super intelligent security experts so your learners can identify potential cyber threats quick smart.

Your teams will benefit from our machine learning recommendation engine that delivers learners additional campaigns on their weaker performance topics areas, to plug gaps and lift capabilities.

Training you can do on the run

Our training is fun and quick.

It’s bite-sized learning with short ‘n’ sharp videos. Your team completes it anywhere, anytime, in just a few minutes.

Content that evolves as your risks do

Threats evolve. Technology changes. So when a serious cyber security event occurs across the globe, our experts craft quiz questions, and launch them to your team. We ensure their knowledge is always up-to-date to avoid the latest scam.

More LOL = More learn

We deliver training in the way your people ingest information. Our bite-sized content includes heaps of short videos produced by clever advertising and TV people that use this crazy concept called humour.

As learning experts, we know this helps learners remember the content.

Packages & Pricing

We’ve got a package to suit business of all sizes. Our world-first machine learning recommendation engine will ensure your team’s knowledge is always improving.


2 campaigns a year
  • 2 campaigns per year limit
  • Customer success manager
  • Tech support
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • Full access to question library


per seat per year


Machine learning enabled
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Customer success manager
  • Tech support
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • Full access to content library
  • Automatic content updates to keep on top of the latest scams
  • Machine learning recommendation engine


per seat per year

We help businesses of all sizes with their cyber security needs

We’ll happily set up a demo to show you the platform and how we can lift cyber capability across your business.