At 460degrees we no longer ask “if” we need innovation. We recognise that we live in a world of increasingly rapid change: how we work, what work is valued, and what work needs to be done for our clients is changing ever more rapidly. These times demand that we answer the question “how will we support sustained innovation?”
Starting from an internal hackathon in early late 2014, innovation is now an integral and funded part of our strategy. We have created Ventures to concentrate, champion and communicate modernisation in our strategy.

The group provides a place for innovation to cultivate – a place that experts with ideas can receive feedback and encouragement, and a place that external companies and change-makers can reach out to.

Through coaching and funding, Ventures champions innovation in both our experts and collaborators. We also communicate to our team through regular sessions. Here internal ideas, external ideas and IP presented and discussed.
We believe that providing the opportunity and encouragement to innovate is critical to our ability to thrive in times of change. At 460degrees, we want the people who work with us to share their progress with us. We want to be genuinely, authentically innovative.