Australia is home to world-class education and research institutions, including six of the world’s top 100 universities. The education sector is an enabler for a smart society – not only do we ensure future generations receive a leg-up in life, but as individuals we can choose to develop our professional careers.

Furthermore, as technology advances it becomes more ingrained and critical to a successful learning institution. We have helped our customers stay ahead for many years, providing increasingly more efficient ways to deliver schooling.

We help our clients provide excellent education services to their customers. Over time we have seen e-learning evolve, along with new ground-breaking paradigms of study – and we have experienced experts in these fields that bring both consultancy and tailored services to provide advanced solutions.

460degrees are proud to have experts delivering projects to many universities ranging from advisory services related to student management systems, to implementation of cloud-migration.

Financial Services

The Financial Services sector is under disruption like never before, and our clients can no longer afford to be complacent. Not only does FinTech continue to increase at an exponential rate, but traditional revenue streams are being eroded by start-ups that began trading almost overnight. At 460degrees we partner with major Financial Services institutions to both work together and solve these very challenges.

We can also help our clients to be more customer-centric. Organisations need to become accessible, and more deeply connected to their customers. This means optimising their impact from fewer points of contact. They need to be fitter, faster and leaner to better serve both internal and external customers.

In this digital age, we help our clients embrace and utilise the channels that their clients expect. The way people interact with their banks and money has changed and will continue to evolve.

Renowned for our expertise, our people can tackle any requirement in the industry with a collaborative and pragmatic approach.


Our involvement over the last decade within both Federal and State Government is not only rewarding, but we know that we have assisted with important leadership advancement for all Australians.

We help our clients in government with a broad range of processes and projects, assisting with data analytics, agility transformation, program delivery services and so on.

Week-to-week, our experts provide valuable services in key Departments such as Defence, Health, and Education at Federal level, as well as Telecommunications, Transport, and Health at State level.


The Australian Manufacturing industry has and will continue to undergo tremendous change. Whist overall output has been declining, exports are increasing – in fact the manufacturing sector is now the second largest exporter in Australia.

Manufacturing is rebalancing and re-tooling, not disappearing. We find that demand is for value-added products is replacing mass-produced products. New materials, automation, bio-technology and are driving innovation in the sector.

At 460degrees, we help our clients realise value through implementation of cost-effective cloud based enterprise systems and customer relationship management platforms, in order to connect manufacturers do business with other businesses and consumers.


Online retailing and the entry of innovative global retailers are just the latest of many competitive challenges the retail industry has been handling of late. The intense competition is good for consumers, but is challenging for the industry which, as a whole, does not compare favourably in terms of productivity with other countries.

In our experience, Australian retailers will need to continue to invest and reinvent their business and operating models to thrive in the digital world. Operationally, robotics and automation of fulfilment functions will be more important as large retailers streamline costs.

460degrees have the experts to assist digital and customer experience transformation, data and analytics, and robotics automation for fulfilment centres.


The distribution sector is diverse, encompassing the movement of bulk commodities such as iron ore to finished goods, direct to the consumer. As the backbone of many other industries in manufacturing and retail, we believe the efficiency of logistics is important.

460degrees is recognised as a trusted transformation partner for many companies, with our experience inclusive of implementing logistics solutions and ITC systems for clients.

Telecommunication Media

As 460degrees has grown and changed over time, so has the telecommunications and media sector. Our experts have been involved in Telco for over a decade, and are well versed in it’s evolution.

Through strong relationships with market-leading organisations, we know that telecommunications industry is always rife with disruption – business adaption is a necessity in order to keep up with technological advancements, changing markets and product needs, as well as competitor portfolios.

From Network Engineering through to DevOps, our experts are equipped with the right tools, experience and IP for your needs.


Utilities are a fundamental part of Australian life. Whether it be electricity, gas, or water we all rely heavily on consistency of the products and services delivered. However, advancing technology and changing consumer values sees adaption strategies as necessity.

Rising demand for sustainable options, such as renewable wind and solar energy, is creating new challenges in the industry. Likewise is development in utilities, with evolving offerings to consumers including technology such as battery storage systems.

Our experts have rounded experience in this sector, ready to assist change and optimise your business.