What a start to the year! 

We’re seeing businesses of all kinds doing things a little differently. For many of us, this means working harder and a lot smarter. At 460degrees, we’re excited about this new era of business.

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460degrees has a lot in the pipeline

Whether launching Expert-led webinars on DevOps, listening to Cyber Security podcasts, or posting relevant and timely articles, 460degrees is at the vanguard. Sezoo, our new digital trust venture is now up and running.

We celebrate the life and work of our Experts

From Banking to Smart Cities, Cyber Security and BI, our world-class Experts have a lot to say! This year, you’ll hear more about our people on our refreshed website.

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In the meantime, our 2021 explainer shows it better than we can say it. 

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Werner Spies,
MD, 460degrees

See what we’re about in 2021


The egg story: the delicate connection between you & your security technology

Your organisation’s sensitive information is like the inside of an egg. To ensure their security against cyber attacks, most organisations today add layers of protection, constantly updating and investing in different methods to improve the protective properties of their ‘eggshell’. do you know how safe your egg is? 

How to gain additional insight from your data. Visualise your data and automate data preparation

If you are familiar with data analysis, you will understand that creating data visualisations is a key requirement.

We’re very much in the age of Big Data.
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