November 24, 2017

Rebrand message from our Managing Director

To Our Valued Clients and Business Partners,

As many of you may have already observed, CMC Group has recently rebranded our consulting businesses. Formerly known as “CharterMason” and “Certatech“, 460degrees has been launched as our new united brand representing us as the first Expert Management Agency in the world.

While our closest clients and business partners know that we are passionate about Business and Technology Transformation with core capabilities in project management, PMO, agility, business analysis, digital transformation, development, operations and automation (DevOps), technology consulting, test management and training management, and so on, many others would still associate our business as strictly a ‘Management Consultancy’ or a “Recruitment Business”.

Through the initial merger process of the 2 businesses, followed by an 18-month review of the industry and a competitive market analysis, 460degrees was born. Many questions were posed throughout this process. Below are just a couple bullet points to address a few of those.


Why are you rebranding your company? Why now?

About 18 months ago, the CMC Group was formed through the acquisition of CharterMason and Certatech. Although we co-located our two businesses, CharterMason and Certatech continued to operate independently. From here, our leadership team assessed how we could continue to support evolving client expectations in a very fragmented market, which is ready for disruption.

Our plan began through focussing on our strengths. From there, it evolved into a larger-scale examination into our companies, our industry, our competitors, and our economy – all in order to effectively communicate our capabilities to support our clients evolving needs.

Ideas and trends move quickly in our business landscape, and clients desire to have more control and value in the consulting process.

In addition, individual professionals are gaining an increasing desire to work independently and have more control over their careers, either through freelancing or defining their own terms of engagement.

We came to realise that we already provide, or have the competency to provide, what the majority of our clients and our people desire. This is high quality expertise to deliver our clients most critical business objectives and the professional development of experts. The value in our brands have always been our people and our ability to develop champions, and we are ready to take this to the next level and truly become one business.


What differentiates 460degrees from the traditional management consultancy, and/or recruitment agencies?

We identify ourselves as the first Expert Management Agency (EMA), who happens to provide Business and Technology consulting offerings as a part of our Expert Management approach.

Traditional management consultancies claim ownership of knowledge and train their talent to deliver outcomes utilising their methodology. These traditional consulting firms face disruption as they do not “own” the knowledge any more. Knowledge is freely available on the internet.

Recruitment companies find people to fill a gap in their clients’ recruitment needs, as well as find jobs for people that need them. They do not employ, brand, market, manage or develop people, they manage a process. These companies already face disruption as recruitment processes can be managed by technology at a much cheaper rate.

As an EMA, we manage Business and Technology experts. We curate, brand, market and develop Business and IT&T expertise, from specialists, to champions, to legends in their fields.

460degrees anticipates new directions, where we will focus on high touch client engagement, making connections and coordinating one of a kind collaboration between experts and clients. The development of young professionals and members means that, with 460degrees, the options are limited only by expert imagination.


Many companies claim that they are able to support client and business partner objectives, and that they have the best people to do it. How does 460degrees differ?

Great question! While our clients mostly only see our experts delivering their outcomes on client sites, they don’t regularly see the dedicated operations and processes behind the scenes, that is at the core of our company efforts.

Our company employs and partners with some amazingly talented people. From acquiring experts, to customised capability and leadership development, expert representation and management, personal branding and events to folks who have lived and breathed consulting leadership expertise throughout their entire careers. Our company personnel and partners are what separates us from all the others.

As our experts own IP and continue to expand their personal brand, so does 460degrees. This is how we as a business truly attract the best!


I want to close by thanking all of our clients, business partners and people for their continued business and support. I welcome any input or feedback you may have regarding our company. Please feel free to get in touch.


Kind regards,


Managing Director of 460degrees

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