460degrees individuals are not only experts in their field, but also on the road cycling.

Describing themselves as “casually serious”, the Masters Cycling team has raced at state, national and international level – winning state age group championships, as well as time trial and road race championships.

Reveling in the corporate world as much as on the seated on a bike, team members have seen the likes of Tour of Bright, Tour of Eastern Gippsland, Midlands, Tour of SouthWest, Buninyong National Championships, through to the KONA™ World IRONMAN Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Whilst there are many racing achievements under their belts, the 460degrees Masters Cycling Team find the best achievement to be the fact that they can race A-grade, and be dads, and have a steady career simultaneously. The cycling culture within our organisation provides a unique platform where experts can network with other professionals, as well as socialise with like-minded and positive people.

With 460degrees as their headline sponsor, the team also receives support from Melbourne companies VeloOne and Sub4 Apparel.