We find value in individuality. So we empower our individuals.

At 460degrees our people are intrinsic to our brand. Our experts are our identity – program managers and digital innovators with the IP to deliver transformative business solutions. We are known for recognising and promoting expertise – for identifying and valuing individuals with the spark, verve, and talent to go past the familiar and discover the new.

We invest in their talent, and empower them to continue their personal growth by training and supporting them along a clear, measurable career pathway. We foster trust, collaboration, and integrity because we know this approach drives change and transformation. We strive to shape and empower our experts, so that they in turn can achieve results for our clients. We trust our process – investment in individuality – is the surest way to help businesses run, grow, and transform.

Members Program

Our experts are versatile people with strong personal brands who socialise and work in connected, collaborative and self directed ways, either as individuals or as teams that come together as trusted consultants for our clients.

The Members Program is a framework that ensures our employees understand the value of expert individuality through kinship.

It allows us to learn from one-another, share experiences, and collaborate on innovation avenues. Members meet-ups are opportunities where our skilled people are encouraged to lead discussions, present on topics, listen to industry professionals – or just have fun!

The Members Program includes role specific and generic training options, as well as a personalised mentoring program. We want our members to know all about our key people, and them to know about our Members.

To become a 460degrees Member, it is as simple as ensuring you meet a number of key people within our organisation. You’ll be connected, which facilitates collaboration – an active Member of our expert team.

Young Professional Program (YPP)

In a disruptive world we empower Young Professionals (YPs) to explore unchartered territories and realise their awesomeness.

Our YPs are a diverse mix of self-directed go-getters ready to innovate the next project. Supported through mentoring and a strong collegiate culture, the 460degrees Young Professional Program equips individuals to think outside the box and demonstrate thought leadership from day one.

YPs also have the opportunity to build new skillsets through participation in internal 460degrees projects allowing them to test and learn in a safe environment.

Our Young Professionals are not fresh university graduates. Life experience, demonstrated excellence in other fields, and existing professional experience are all qualities you’ll find exhibited in these experts – and we embrace their fresh outlook.