Relying on techno-centric cybersecurity alone is like arming your property with the latest high tech security system but failing to consider how likely people are to let a stranger into the house, so long as they’re holding a clipboard.

For all the energy and resources organisations invest in cyber and information security systems, they routinely neglect the single factor that actually determines the strength of their cybersecurity posture: the people who interact with it.

Humans may be the problem, but they’re also the solution. Which is why your organisation’s best hope of defending itself against an ever-increasing barrage of cyber threats is a perimeter with a pulse.

Download our whitepaper, Making the Case for Human Centric Cybersecurity, to learn:

  • The key problems HCCS addresses
  • Three ways ineffective cyber training has turned your employees into de facto insider threats
  • A methodology for putting HCCS to work in your organisation
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