Zac leads the innovation program team at 460degrees. In this role he seeks opportunities and collaborates with our teams to see where emerging technologies can assist current and future clients.

With the rollout of 5G networks, IoT use in Australia, and drastic impact of COVID-19, Zac sees that the need for business automation will explode over the next few years.

After five years working with the major players within the telecommunications industry, Zac now works with 460degrees to lead the way in the virtual and augmented reality. In particular, Zac is looking at how these technologies can support the sports and entertainment industries, as well as ensuring its audiences are able to continue to enjoy these activities safely and remotely.

Zac also consults remotely as Head of Operations for Springbok AI, a London-based company that provides machine learning and natural language chatbots driven by deep data analysis and process automation. Zac provides his project management and strategic business planning skills to the technical team.

Growing up, Zac spent a lot of time at swimming, playing football and doing athletics – eventually moving on to coach swimming and play football and water polo. Now at 460degrees he is excited to merge his passion for sports and live events with his love of emerging technologies.