Werner Spies

Werner Spies

Managing Director

460degrees is a company for experts, by experts.



As founder and executive chief of the first true expert management agency, 460degrees, Werner is deeply motivated by the opportunity to champion disruption in the management consulting market.

Originally from South Africa, Werner enjoyed quick success on arriving in antipodean Australia, becoming a multi-organisation founder, which led him on his path to this venture: representing Australia’s absolute apex of technology experts.

An accountant by qualification – starting with Price Waterhouse Cooper in 1986 – and an entrepreneur of considerable experience, Werner knows when to take the right risks and how to make them count. He is renowned for spotting a gap in the market, creating a new practice and using that practice to deliver exponential value for his customers.

For Werner, professional services start with relationships and a commitment to producing results that will provide significant value beyond the inked deliverables. His specialities include: practice strategy, design, leadership and execution, introducing and operating network-based organisational models, continuous innovation and the incubation of professional services firms.

Werner has a keen interest in all sports, plays golf and tennis and has a real passion for travelling and the study of human behaviour.

Insights from Werner Spies


Creating a Culture to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Werner Spies recently featured on the Evolution Exchange podcast discussing how to attract and retain talent.

Werner Spies | 24 May. 2022

Do I follow my dreams or stick with what I’m good at?

We’ve all heard that saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” On the other hand, there’s that equally wise adage, “Play to your strengths”. In a perfect world these two things would be one and the same.

Werner Spies | 12 Jul. 2023

Why is it lonely at the top? Creating space for self-managed leadership

It’s lonely at the top’ is a common saying amongst leaders. In an old-style organisational structure – which is hierarchical with a real “top” then yes, leadership can be very lonely.

Werner Spies | 20 Nov. 2020

How to save Australia’s Professional Services

Covid-19 has brought a wave of economic destruction to many businesses, but it’s not the bottom line, it’s the people who work for – or used to work for – organisations, that are suffering.

Werner Spies | 21 Jul. 2020

6clicks presents: Innovators

6Clicks sat down with 460degrees Managing Director Werner Spies to find out what it takes to become a renowned innovator in global business transformation.

Werner Spies | 07 Jun. 2020