Thang Huynh

Thang Huynh

Managing Partner



As Managing Partner at 460degrees, Thang oversees the Consulting & Promoters team.

With 15 years’ experience overseeing complex digital transformation projects for ASX200 and global companies, he has established himself as a leader, team maker and a business builder with the experience and skills to tackle complex projects. Clients simply trust he will get the job done.

Prior to his current role, Thang was responsible for successfully delivering transformation strategies that enabled clients to both achieve commercial goals and fulfil company vision.

His focus now is to ensure both the expert Champions 460degrees represents, and corporate clients using the consulting service, complete highly successful engagements. A key part of this is helping the experts develop their capabilities and solutions to be market-ready. Ultimately, Thang’s role is to actively encourage innovation, engender a sense of unity across a project and obtain the best quality outcomes for all.

When not engaged in the rewarding challenges of work, Thang can be found honing new skills in the kitchen, cooking for his family.