Sam Walker

Sam Walker

Specialist Cybersecurity





It’s difficult to sum up the contribution our Cybersecurity Expert, Sam Walker, makes to the successful delivery of his 460degree client projects; he applies his expert touch to so many elements.

On any given day, Sam is involved in reporting, auditing, compliance, threat hunting, incident response, training and awareness and social engineering. This variety, along with the opportunity to help his clients improve their cybersecurity capability and resilience, is exactly what he enjoys most about his work. Well, that along with the fact it’s his dream job.

After high school, Sam spent many years working in retail and hospitality, honing his customer service skills, but he always had his eye on a career in IT. Courage and determination saw him take steps towards that goal in 2018, when he enrolled as a mature age student to complete a Bachelor of Cybersecurity at La Trobe University.

That same year, he gained a placement with BAE Systems Australia, working with their cybersecurity team. What started as a 4-week internship became the launch of his IT career. After continuing on at BAE in a part-time capacity throughout his studies, he was offered a fulltime position upon graduation.

Not one to sit still, Sam continues to expand his skillset. He’s currently studying for his CISSP certification, putting him one step closer to one day achieving his career goal of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

Despite his busy work and study schedule, Sam tries to find time to pursue his other passions; gaming and playing the guitar. He’s also an ardent soccer fan, supporting Melbourne City in the A-League.

Insights from Sam Walker


Insider Threats: when the call is coming from inside the house

It’s common knowledge that organisations of all sizes face numerous and formidable cyber-threat actors, and we certainly seem to hear plenty about them: Cyber-criminals or nation-state actors that are bankrolled by foreign governments. However, we focus on these threats at the expense of others to our peril. With that in mind, let’s talk about insider threats.

Sam Walker | Oct 1st, 2021