Ross Goodfellow

Ross Goodfellow

Program Delivery Specialist, Defence


Program Delivery


Procurement within Defence and government departments take a very particular set of skills. From balancing legislative and policy obligations, to managing reputational risk on large scale, big-budget projects, it’s the kind of work that’s best left to an expert. Which is where 460degrees Procurement Specialist, Ross Goodfellow, comes in.

After a 25-year career in Commonwealth and private sector commercial management, Ross has a unique depth of experience and skill to draw upon as he deftly navigates rules, procedure, commercial risks and sensitivities to translate complex projects into value-for-money benefits to the Australian community.

Right now, his biggest passion is the Procurement-as-a-Service offering he is building with 460degrees. This disruptive approach to procurement allows Ross and his teams to offer a truly bespoke service, tailored to meet a client’s exact needs in terms of size, scope and budget.

Outside work, Ross loves nothing more than spending time with his family, enjoying the many cultural and culinary delights that Canberra has to offer. A closet green thumb who enjoys quietly tending his garden, he also sneaks out for the occasional obnoxiously loud motorcycle ride in the sunshine – a legacy from a misspent youth.