Ram Ramanathan

Ram Ramanathan

DevOps Specialist




Tell someone you’re a DevOps Expert and most people reward you with a blank stare. Ironically, it’s an approach that is all about making things simpler – getting people, processes and tools on the same page and removing as many bottlenecks as possible through automation.

As our 460degrees DevOps Expert, Ram Ramanathan draws upon over 15 years’ experience working in senior backend engineer and consultant roles across multiple projects for big name clients, including Avaya, Amdocs, Citi, Target and ANZi.

Marrying software development with core DevOps practices (such as automated CI/CD, engineering cloud and data storage solutions) a great day at the office means “cracking the code” using creative problem solving. Ram particularly enjoys working collaboratively to design & implement technical solutions to new business problems and getting to witness the positive impact of his work.

When he’s not at the keyboard, Ram likes to keep active on the tennis court or flex his creative muscle as a short fiction writer.