Rahel Assaye Legesse

Data Analyst


In any business, ensuring the consistent flow of high-quality data to the right people is key for effective decision-making. Which is why you need Experts like data engineer, Rahel Assaye Legesse, on the job.

Rahel joined 460degrees four years ago on the TA Telco project, having previously worked as an international consultant for Ericsson.

Experienced in collaborating with both technical and project management teams, she’s proud that her current role, enhancing the critical communication systems for emergency services, has such a positive impact on the wider community.

A great day for Rahel starts with a good cup of coffee and ends with the satisfaction of working with a great team to find elegant solutions for complex problems. Passionate about data quality, Rahel always says insights are only as good as the data beneath it.

Outside work, as a busy mum, Rahel enjoys winding down on long nature walks, as well as dancing and painting with her daughters. She also generously donates her time to causes providing emotional and material support for underprivileged children.