Mohit Vyas

Mohit Vyas

Data & Cloud Security Architect


With a deep fascination for how technology can change the way a business operates, and a passion for watching his designs come to life, Mohit Vyas couldn’t have chosen a better path.

As a 460degrees Cloud Security and Architecture Expert, Mohit brings something beyond even skill and experience to client projects: the wisdom to know that a great solution isn’t limited to the business problem it’s aiming to resolve. The best, he believes, must be cost effective, agile, secure and low maintenance, while dovetailing into an organisation’s overall strategy.

Having earned his stripes working through the ranks in companies such as Accenture, Barco, Wipro and NBN Australia, these days Mohit gains the most satisfaction from working closely with clients to uncover the real problems at hand. From there, he works his magic; designing and building a solution that supports better decision making, achieves goals and demonstrates the possibilities of emerging technologies.

Outside work, if Mohit’s not in the kitchen whipping up new recipes (and the odd Dad joke) to delight his wife and young daughter, you’ll find him keeping fit, hanging out with friends, watching the cricket or kicking back with some classic cinema of the Eastwood/Tarantino/Cohen Brothers persuasion.