Mirta Potulic

Mirta Potulic

Sales, Brand & Marketing Support/Business Admin


If you had to sum up everything Mirta Potulic is to 460degrees, she’s best described as the glue binding everything together. From making sure our day-to-day operations run like they’re on rails, through to sales and marketing support, managing quality and compliance, and overseeing audits, she liaises between departments, creating calm through simplicity and order.

With a decade-long administrative and compliance management background for a large outsource call centre, Mirta earned her sales support stripes working with a wide variety of enterprise clients, including Foxtel, Ericsson, and Medibank. Now, as a valued member of our team, she thrives on providing clarity to clients, guiding them through engagements and nurturing long-lasting relationships built on efficiency, approachability, and reliability.

Mirta has a keen eye for identifying optimisation opportunities. She is dedicated to safeguarding 460degrees’ success by ensuring that all processes are of the highest quality and continuously improving. A fulfilling day for her is completing all tasks in the most efficient way and enjoying the company of her colleagues.

Outside of work, Mirta cherishes time with her family but is never too busy to offer support to friends and wider community. As a motivating detox coach, she leads by example, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spending time in nature, and embodying her core values of connection, growth, and making a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives.